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Växt, a Swedish term meaning "Growth" or "Plant", serves as a bridge between the virtual and the tangible, the abstract and the clear. By synthesizing the digital realm with organic inspiration, your senses are prompted to associate visual art with olfactory memories. In other words - can a digital artwork invoke memories of smell?

The objective is twofold: to capture the scent of strolling through a garden, and to blend the micro and macro perspectives on a singular canvas.

On this page, let's dive deeper into the intricacies of the series, from the technology that brings it to life through features to placing the work in a contemporary context.



Javascript & WebGL: The foundational building blocks of Växt are rooted in code. Javascript is used as a "meta-algorithm" that writes WebGL code. This approach cherry-picks the strength of both languages, leveraging the per-pixel fluidity of webGL with the global control of Javascript.

Signed Distance Functions (SDFs): Essential for the accurate representation of the diverse shapes in the works. SDFs enable intricate designs and is the source of the playful but exact interaction of shapes, providing both the sharpness of intersections as well as the softness of shading and color blending.

Color Manipulation & Texture: The application of shading provides depth, while textures offer a tangible feel to the artwork. This combination invites viewers to immerse themselves in the canvas, experiencing it from afar and close up. The texture is created using fractal noise, diffuse light and shading, a technique common for generating landscapes and mountains. See my notes on Fjäll for more details.




This palette captures the spirit of a Hawaiian sunset and the surrounding nature. With hues reminiscent of deep ocean blues, tropical foliage, and the soft pink-orange of a setting sun, this palette feels like a leisurely evening on the beach.


Evoking the charm of Scandinavian simplicity, Egnahem paints a picture of cozy homes amidst the tranquility of nature. Soft neutrals are punctuated by muted earthy tones, suggesting the harmonious blend of indoor warmth and outdoor serenity.


Tuscany is a nod to the rustic elegance of Italian countryside landscapes. Olive groves, vintage vineyards, and historic villas are suggested by warm tones, from sunlit golden yellows to deep rich reds and greens.


A diverse set of colors, Lorkins captures a sense of playful fantasy. The palette ranges from vibrant reds and blues to softer pinks and purples paints a scene of whimsical days and enchanted nights.



Inspired by the foggy mornings and historic architecture of London, this palette blends modern grays with regal golds and blues. It is a sophisticated mix that feels both timeless and contemporary.


Manhattan is all about urban sophistication. Taupe and soft grays serve as the backdrop for shimmering golds and rich browns, echoing the iconic skyline at sunset.


Ancient meets modern in this palette inspired by Rome. The regal purples, rich reds, and golden browns capture the historical grandeur, while cooler tones hint at its urban side.


Reflecting the calm serenity of a southern Swedish coastal town, Falsterbo uses cool blues and soft neutrals. A fresh, breezy feel, as if you stand on a beach with the wind gently blowing over the sandy dunes and bathing huts.



Drenched in tropical luxury, Lombok offers rich, vibrant hues that hint at exotic flowers, warm sunsets, and seaside escapades. It is a passionate dance of colors that feels as lively as an island festival.


Sleek, clean, and undeniably modern, Graphite is a monochromatic journey from deep charcoals to bright whites. It is a perfect backdrop for a minimalist or contemporary design and challenges the senses.


Mars paints a picture of the barren landscapes with deep reds and browns. An adventurous palette, reminiscent of extraterrestrial exploration, or perhaps the embers of a bonfire?


Taking cues from the coastal serenity of a Swedish archipelago, Marstrand merges nautical blues with earthy browns and greens. A relaxed, sea-side retreat!



Reflecting the elegance and tranquility of Kyoto, this palette combines serene greens and blues with warm earth tones, echoing the gardens and temples found in the city. The mix conveys an almost overwhelming scene of a deep city garden.


Capturing the raw beauty of the Serengeti, this palette features warm, earthy tones mixed with soft pinks and oranges, reminiscent of a savannah sunset. A vibrant blend that conveys the dry, sandy scents of the Serengeti.

Water Lilies

Evocative of Monet's serene water lilies, this palette blends aquatic blues and greens with soft, dreamy pastels. It creates a peaceful, impressionistic atmosphere that smells of moss and algae.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue is inspired by the vast depths of the ocean and the expansive night sky. Its shades range from the darkest navy to lighter blues, creating a sense of depth and mystery.

Cap d'Antibes

Inspired by the serene riviera landscape, Cap d'Antibes combines muted earth tones with soft blues and greens. This palette evokes the elegance of seaside living, with hints of Mediterranean flora and the calming hues of the sea and sky.



Fill: Ranging from Sparse to Dense, the fill dictates the intensity of color application. This variance mirrors the natural density seen in gardens, from open clearings to dense underbrush and opens the motif up to emergent patterns.

Weather: Calm or Stormy introduce distortions that add layers of complexity, inviting the colours to take on another shape and associate with different scents.

Scale: Three scales of observation - Close, Lagom, and Far - encourage viewers to engage with the artwork from different distances, each revealing unique intricacies.

Shading: With options of Heavy or Shallow shading, the artworks exhibit varying levels of depth and contrast.


Outro and Context

Every piece in the Växt series is a complex interplay of shapes, colors, and textures. These elements, both individually and collectively, contribute to a composition greater than the sum of its parts. The variability in each artwork ensures a unique experience, much like every visit to a garden offers new perspectives and discoveries.

There is an ongoing discussion within the generative art community on whether digital artworks benefit from looking back and gathering inspiration from the physical world or if the path forward is in envisioning new expressions. Växt is somewhere in between. The inspiration is clearly physical and the application of colour and texture does border on the tactile. On the other hand it doesn't try to be photorealistic or simulate physical techniques. The colour manipulation and even the texture is digital in nature without a clear counterpart in the physical world. A compromise some might say, or an act of balance in recognising the past while creating the future.

All I know is that these smell amazing. Happy exploring!