About Me

Below you will find some reflections and thoughts on different facets of how I look at my artistry, my career, my style, the crypto space and more. It aims to be a living document and a reference for myself, collectors and curators alike.


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On Me

I am a digital artist based in Malmö, Sweden, specializing in generative and algorithmic art. My works originate from lines of code, brought to life in web browsers.

My journey into this realm began in early 2021, inspired by the crypto art community and platforms like Artblocks, EthBlockArt, and fxhash. Before this, my creative expression was limited to my physical capabilities, but with code, I have discovered a limitless source of inspiration. I view the constraints of code as a tool that empowers, rather than stifles, my artistic voice. The brevity of on-chain generative art, in particular, captivates me.

On Style

Artistic style is a captivating aspect of creative expression, often celebrated and sought after. I believe it should evolve organically, a reflection of personal growth and the ever-changing concepts I explore in my art.

Rather than consciously crafting a recognizable style for the sake of recognition, my intention is for each of my works to be an individual chapter in a broader narrative. They guide you through my exploration of the questions I seek to answer. While it may seem counterintuitive, this dynamic journey might just be the common thread in my art.

If you desire to categorize my style, I encourage you to look beyond the visual aesthetics. Dive into the conceptual depths of my work, and you will find emotions, memories, and profound questions. My art is digital, born from lines of code, often abstract in nature. The inherent constraints of the medium carve a niche for my art, yet within this niche, my style evolves at a rapid pace.

My works are often centered around the intricate tapestry of emotions, memories, or profound questions. For instance, "Fjäll" celebrates the memories of hikes in the Nordic mountains, while "Nära" serves as a reminder of the connections and friendships that weave through our lives.

In essence, my art strives to evoke feelings, spark memories, and provoke contemplation. My style is an ever-evolving journey, a continuous exploration of the human experience, captured in the abstract and realized through lines of code

On Cadence

Quality art takes time. I believe in releasing slowly rather than rushing to produce multiple pieces in a short period of time. Patience yields better results.

On My Vision

The future remains a realm of uncertainty with countless opportunities. With a clear vision, I can seize the opportunity to consciously direct my creativity and articulate myself rather than chasing each passing trend.

My artistic mission is refreshingly simple: it is about creating art for the sake of art. The privilege of having my works embraced by thousands of people has granted me the freedom to reflect upon my craft and allowing time to each project I take on. I am building upon this foundation to refine my craft, to imbue my ideas and thoughts with even greater eloquence in the future.

On a grander scale, art possesses the unique ability to transcend the boundaries of time and technology. It endures, communicating ideas and experiences long after my presence fades. It becomes a testament to our existence, a legacy that captures and conveys our ideas and experiences irrespective of the ever-shifting technological landscape.

My vision encapsulates a commitment to creating art that is appreciated regardless of context or trends. It is a promise to connect with audiences, transcending the barriers of time and technology. Art speaks a language beyond words, and my journey is dedicated to ensuring that message endures.

On Generative Art

Generative / algorithmic art is amazing. It is also a niche in the larger scheme. Our works have the potential to expand and grow the world of art, but is many times stuck in the world of abstraction. I don’t think this is a bad thing, as the abstract does force the artist to work harder on communicating a concept.

Looking at the slightly larger niche of digital art, it is clear that generative and algorithmic art has the capacity to capture the imagination and emotions of the viewer. At the same time as with all things digital, the rate of change and technological advancement is extremely fast. Looking back to recent events, AI is a clear example, and just a little further GPU and shaders also made novel approaches feasible.

To achieve longevity in this niche, we must transcend the meta of the day and capture the essence of the topic at hand. As such, you will rarely see me pursuing the latest technology; I will be chasing ways of conveying my thoughts visually.

On Anonymity

I have chosen to operate in this space under the pseudonym Tengil, and I intend to remain anonymous for two reasons. First, I want my artwork to be appreciated for its ideas and questions, not for personal brand or appearance. Second, I believe my actions should define me rather than external factors like my name or appearance. While anonymity may not always be guaranteed in collaborations with platforms and legal entities, Tengil will remain the name under which I release art.